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What We Believe

What is truth? In his 1828 dictionary, Noah Webster defined truth as "conformity to fact or reality." Here at Valley Bible Church, we believe that God is real, and He has given us the Bible as ultimate truth. God has always existed. He created the world and all living things.

What Is a Bible Church?






What to Expect

We extend a warm welcome to you!

Valley Bible Church is a place where you will find "practical Bible teaching for everyday living."

On Sundays our Educational Hour begins at 10:00 AM and our Morning Worship Service begins at 11:00 AM.

Church History

Valley Bible Church began on Sunday, February 4, 1983. It was started through the efforts of Ron and Wanda Thompson serving with Biblical Ministries Worldwide as church planters. The first services were held in Enoch Elementary School with 11 people present. The current property was purchased in the fall of 1983, with additions constructed in 1985, 1990, and 2005. Ten years after Ron started the church, Tom Jeffcott came in 1993 to be the pastor, and he continues to serve as the current pastor.

From the first service, VBC has been committed to the systematic teaching and preaching of the Word of God for the express purpose of reaching the unsaved with the simple but profound truth of the Gospel and building up believers in the Faith.

We believe that the local church is to be a place of spiritual refreshment, challenge, and encouragement. It is to this end that we labor, “Holding forth the Word of Life,” (Phil. 2:16) to the community in which we are privileged to live.

Meet Our Pastors

We exist to connect people to other believers and to teach the Word of God in an expository manner. The Valley Bible Church pastors, along with our elders and deacons, provide leadership and oversight to accomplish our mission. To learn more about the leadership at Valley Bible Church, click the links below.

Tom Jeffcott

Senior Pastor

Blake Meyer

Associate Pastor