Fall Bible Conference

Valley Bible Church

Announces its Fall Bible Conference.


Valley Bible Church in Enoch, Utah, announces its upcoming Fall Bible Conference to be held at the church on October 14 – October 16. The theme of this year’s Conference is “Is the Bible Trustworthy?”


Dr. Ron Webber, who serves with Bibles International, will be speaking in five different sessions. Please see the schedule below.

This year’s conference will answer such questions as:

· How is the Bible unique from all other writings of religious literature?

· How can we know that today’s Bible contains the same records

written by the original apostles and prophets?

·  Is it possible that more than fifty prophecies about one event

could be precisely fulfilled simply by accident?

·  How do we know that the Bible has not been corrupted through

the years?


Friday, Oct. 14

5:30pm – Supper

7:00pm – Session #1

Saturday, Oct. 15

4:00pm – Session #2

5:30pm – Supper

7:00pm – Session #3

Sunday, Oct 16

10:00am – Session #4

11:00am – Session #5

Dr. Ron Webber

Dr. Ron Webber earned a PhD in Old Testament Interpretation and was a professor of biblical languages at a seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. He is currently serving with Bibles International in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is leading a team in translating the Bible in two languages in Ghana, West Africa. He and his wife, Terri, have four children and three grandchildren.