General Fund

This is our regular operating fund. Most offering are deposited here unless otherwise designated.

Meyer Support Fund

Pastor Blake Beyer was initially brought to Valley Bible Church with a very low salary and needed to raise support (similar to a missionary) for his beginning years here. This fund was established to accommodate that need.

Robert Jeffcott Memorial Church Planting Fund

This fund was established in memory of Robert Jeffcott, father of our pastor, pastor and a missions director. Monies in this fund help support the planting of new Bible Churches in Utah.

Brotherly Love Fund

Monies in this fund are reserved to assist members in time of need. Requests for these funds are approved by the elders.

Missions Fund

Here you may designate monies for the missionaries Valley Bible Church supports.

New Building Fund

Valley Bible Church as grown over the past few years and is now bursting at the seams. This fund is reserved toward the plans and building of a new auditorium.

Coming Soon

VBC Teens - Fall Campout
October 1-3
(see upcoming events below)