Our Missionaries

Tyler & Sandy Miller - Filadelfia, Bolivia

Tyler and Sandy and their 3 children, Lily, Landon , and Lance have been serving in Bolivia, South America since 2011. Tyler is from Heber City, Utah, and Sandy, whose parents are missionaries, was born in Bolivia.

Ron and Wanda Thompson - Tentmakers Bible Mission

Ron and Wanda were the folks that planted and pastored Valley Bible Church in February of 1983. They have since moved on to plant other churches and are now with Tentmakers Bible Mission (TBM) and with Frontier School of the Bible. They live in LaGrange, WY

Chris and Katie Dodson - Church Planters on Highland, UT

Chris and Katie Dodson are church planters in Highland, UT. Their church meets in the garage of their home which has been renovated into a "garage sanctuary".

Josh and Rebekah Miller -Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Josh and Rebekah serve with Biblical Ministries Worldwide at Valley of Grace Church in Washington, Utah

Other Foreign Missionaries

Valley Bible Church supports other missionaries who serve in areas where, if we shared any personal information, they may be put in risk. For this reason we will not post their information or newsletters on line but their newsletters are posted on the Missions' Bulletin Board in the church hallway.