What Is a Bible Church?


A Bible church strives to base everything it does on the Bible. In a world where truth is relative and cultural opinions are constantly changing, the Bible provides personal and spiritual stability based on objective truth from God. Everyone that comes to a Bible church is consistently taught what God has said in His Word, the Bible.


A Bible church believes in fundamental truths that are unchanging, while applying the Bible to current, contemporary issues. It is similar to a Baptist church in all its doctrinal positions. The pastor and other teachers in the church seek to help people of all ages understand the Bible and apply it to their lives.

Self Supporting

A Bible church is an independent church and has the goal of being self supporting. Until a church arrives at this stage, it usually needs assistance from other like-minded churches. Congregations give voluntarily to support the local ministry of the church and missionary work around the world.


A Bible church often starts informally from a local Bible study. Once the church officially forms, it is not associated with any specific denomination, educational institutions, or mission boards. It determines its own organization and government based on biblical teachings.


A Bible church is not based on programs and big crowds. It is based on a fellowship of Christians who love God and each other as part of God’s family. Although it is not associated with any particular denomination, it regularly seeks to meet with and encourage other like-minded churches within its geographic region.