What to Expect

What kind of church is this?

Valley Bible Church is a family-friendly place. Its members love talking with each other and worshiping together. Whether you are an older retired couple, a college student, or a young family with children, we want to make you feel like part of our family.

Do I have to dress up?

You are not required to dress in any particular way. Most men and women dress in “business casual,” but you are welcome to come no matter how you are dressed.

What kind of teaching will I hear?

Regardless of your age, young or old, you will hear teaching that comes entirely from the Bible. This teaching will likely consist of someone teaching through a book of the Bible. You may also hear teaching on various topics from the Bible that address contemporary issues. Speakers will always seek to make relevant, practical applications to your life.

What kind of music do you have?

Our worship music always contains lyrics that are Bible-centered and accurately communicate biblical truth. It is God-centered with its main purpose being to glorify God, as believers exalt and magnify Him by singing. Because our music is Christ-centered, every song focuses on Jesus Christ and keeps the attention off of anyone else. While the adult choir, small ensembles, and other musicians participate every Sunday in music, the majority of our worship music is corporately-centered. The entire congregation is given the opportunity to sing praise to God. Our worship music is heart-centered as well. We seek to engage the mind, will, and emotions through singing a balance of meditative and joyful songs. Finally, our worship music is sacred-centered. We seek to sing music that is distinctly Christian and reflects God’s purity and holiness.

Where should I park?

You are welcome to park in any marked parking place. Parking for larger vehicles is available on the north side toward the soccer field spaces are not marked)

Will you ask me for money?

Valley Bible Church is self-supported by its members who give voluntarily. You are welcome to give to the church by using the offering boxes that are located in the lobby, but we will never ask or force you to give money. We also offer online giving: Online Giving

Will I have to stand up in front of people?

You will not have to stand up in front of anyone. Pastor Tom may acknowledge you from the platform, but we will not embarrass you or make you stand up.

Where will my children go for the Educational Hour and Worship Service?

During the Educational Hour, age-appropriate classes are available. At the beginning of the worship service everyone meets in the auditorium and younger children are dismissed to go downstairs for their “children’s church” before the preaching begins. If families prefer to remain together during either of these times, we welcome that also.

Where do I go first?

You can enter through the front entrance or through the entrance on the right (west) side of the church. If you come in the front entrance, continue through the doorway on the right side of the stairs and the main auditorium will be on your right. If you come in the side entrance, you will turn immediately to the right and find the main auditorium.