What We Believe

What is truth? In his 1828 dictionary, Noah Webster defined truth as “conformity to fact or reality.” Here at Valley Bible Church, we believe that God is real, and He has given us the Bible as ultimate truth. God has always existed. He created the world and all living things.

After God created Adam and Eve (the first man and woman), they chose to believe a lie and to disobey Him. From that time until today, humans have been separated from God and struggle to know the truth. Because God created humans to have a relationship with Him, He sent His only Son, Jesus, to the earth. He lived a perfect life and died on a cross to take the punishment for the disobedience of the whole world. Three days after Jesus died, He rose from the dead, proving that He was who He claimed to be.

The sacrifice of Jesus’ life on a cross was powerful enough to pay the penalty for every human’s disobedience for all time. If a person believes in the truth of the Bible and believes in God’s Son Jesus as His Savior, God will restore His relationship with him—that same relationship that Adam and Eve lost. God will send His Holy Spirit to live within his heart, and he will begin to live a new life. Those who reject the truth God has given through Jesus and the Bible will be punished for eternity in a place called hell. When Jesus was asked who He was, He responded, “For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.” Jesus came into this world as the ultimate reality of truth. Do you believe in the truth?