Women's Ministry Questionnaire

Please read this information before signing up for a committee.

.Purpose: Women's Ministries of Valley Bible Church

exists for the purpose of meeting needs in those practical areas of ministry that can best be served by

women. Our desire is that we would glorify God and challenge each other in our Christian walk as we work together, and that these interactions would provide an opportunity for mentoring and fellowship.

Organization: These committees are supported by an oversight committee consisting of four ladies who have been approved by the church Board, with Pam Jeffcott serving as advisor.

The committees are: decorating, meals for the sick, welcome, care and encouragement (cards and

phone calls), kitchen, special celebrations - showers, etc., scrapbook, communion, pastor's family,

hospitality, and nursery.

Each January the ladies of the church are asked to fill out a questionnaire indicating on which

committee(s) they would like to serve for that year. The questionnaire includes a detailed description of the responsibilities of each committee. The oversight committee will look over the questionnaires,

choose a lady to head each committee, and then give the list of names to that lady so that they can work together as a smaller group. Please note that official church membership is not a prerequisite for participation, but we do ask that ladies who sign up for the committees be faithful in church attendance, as well as to their commitment. Our goal is to work together in harmony to better care for some of the church needs for which God has uniquely gifted us as women.

We appreciate your willingness to be involved with the church family here at Valley. Please keep in

mind that you may not be placed on every committee for which you sign up

- sometimes, we just have too many names and must balance things out. Join us in praying that the Lord will give us a fruitful year of service for Him, and that all our committees will work together in harmony (Phil. 2:1-a).

Please note that the church cleaning crew involves both men and women, so this is not a part of Women's Ministries. See Jim or Chris Cook if you are interested in helping in this area.

Children's Church Treats - This is technically not a committee. We have posted a sheet on the hall bulletin board so that ladies can sign up to bring treats for junior church for a month. Please note that we have several children with allergies, so please avoid all nuts in any baked goods that you might provide. This includes peanut butter cookies!


These are the areas that fall under "Women's Ministries":

  1. Welcome Ministry - This involves phoning and/or visiting new ladies to make them feel welcome and to acquaint them with the various ministries of Valley Bible Church. We also have Welcome. Bags that are given to visitors.
  2. Care and Encouragement - The members of this committee send cards, call, or visit those who are sick or who miss church for several weeks.
  3. Foyer and Sanctuary Decorations This will be split into five different time segments, with different individuals on the committee responsible for spring (March-May), summer (June-August), fall (Sept.- Nov.), Christmas (December), and winter (Jan.-Feb.). Those who coordinate these different segments will need to take down the decorations at a set time so that the ladies responsible for the next season can take over. The decorating committee may also add seasonal touches to the various bulletin boards throughout the building. ln addition, the ladies on the committee MAY be asked to help with decorations for special events and fellowship activities. Keep in mind, however, that fellowship activities are often coordinated by different individuals, and these individuals may choose to do their own decorating. Finally, any reimbursement purchases by this committee will need to be pre-approved by this year's Women's Ministries Chairman.
  4. Meals for the Sick and Funeral Dinners - This involves being available to help when called upon to provide meals for families experiencing special needs.
  5. Wedding/Baby Celebrations - This committee works as a group to plan showers and other celebrations. We have a $100.00 pre-approved spending limit for each of these occasions. Any additional expenditures will need to be approved through this year's Women's Ministries Chairman, Michelle Cleveland.
  6. Communion - The ladies on this committee prepare the communion elements on a quarterly basis. The chairman of this committee will arrange the schedule.
  7. Pastors' Family - This committee works together to show appreciation to the pastors and their families on various special occasions.
  8. Scrapbook/Photo Album - The ladies on this committee take pictures of church activities and then keep track of those pictures in a scrapbook.
  9. Kitchen Committee - The coordinator for this ministry will oversee the organization and regular maintenance of our church kitchen, making sure that the necessary supplies are on hand for potlucks and fellowships. She will need to work within the kitchen supplies and church food budget limits and will submit any reimbursement requests through the Women's Ministries Chairman. This committee also makes sure that the refrigerator is cleaned monthly and that the coffee center is tidied after Sunday services. The members of this committee need to be available to help in the kitchen during the various fellowship events throughout the year. Obviously, the more ladies who sign up the greater pool of help we will have in this area. The kitchen committee chairman is also free to solicit more serving and clean-up help, should the need arise.
  10. Hospitality - This ministry involves lining up homes for hosting visiting missionaries, music teams, and special speakers throughout the year.
  11. Nursery - Erika Meyer is our Nursery Coordinator. lf you are interested in helping in this area, speak to Erika and she will give you a copy of our Nursery Policy. Again, the more volunteers we have, the more often our workers get to be in the morning service.